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My Chegg is in!

I know a lot of people wait to get their books for school until they attend the first day of classes to see if they really need them. However, the way information is put online these days made it easy for me to evaluate that ahead of time. If it was optional, that was indicated and I know myself well enough to judge whether or not an optional text will be useful to me. Of course, if funds are low or haven’t come in yet, that’s a whole different reason to wait and could be good if your teacher puts texts on hold for use across campus.

I went ahead and figured out everything I needed and ordered it online at Chegg.com. I found a 10% discount code online which basically meant free shipping & they ended up giving me a 25% discount towards my next order too. I placed my order on Tuesday August 24th and the receipt said they would come in by 8/31 and 9/02. But early this morning (Friday August  27th) I heard the neighbor dogs barking and the exhausted sound of a large transport vehicle braking in front of my house. My Chegg is in!

They got my books to me the Friday before school starts- 3 very short anticipation filled days away! I apparently saved $384.93. I also planted a tree because with every order they plant a tree- something I’m sure you can guess I LOVE! Something I didn’t love was the enormous Dr.Pepper door hanger flyers that had some stupid ass “fill in your favorite things” list on the side. (Like ANYONE is going to use that. They wasted a tree just printing that worthless shit). They also included a small Chegg branded sticky pad and pen- another decidedly not green move for a company whose marketing is based on providing and promoting earth-friendly (or should I say -er) choices.

Overall, I give them an A-. They helped me recycle text books- which saves trees-, save some green (as in $$$), plant a tree, and I got my books fast and properly filled. Now let’s just dump the corporate giant advertising and wasteful promotional products- c’mon I know you can do it Cheggy-weg.


Fabulous Photo Friday!

A stylish landing pad for busy adult students- love!

organized hallway

I don't know the origination of this image, if you do please let me know!

Accepting Gifts for Giveaways

If you have something you would like to make available to this blog’s followers, let me know! I want to give things that are of true value and appropriate, so please be familiar with the things I support before you make an offer. Gifts must be “no-strings-attached”.

All donations are sincerely appreciated and will be formally recognized here on the site.

Gift Suggestions:

  • Digital freebies
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Contact me at:  transitionarchitecture@gmail.com

I quit drinking.

Day 208 - Sober

Image by lintmachine via Flickr

This past Friday night I got drunk, and it was the last straw. We went to dinner to meet up with my newly married brother-in-law and I met his wife for the first time. I didn’t eat that much since we were having a good time talking. It was a Lebanese restaurant so we also smoked some shisha and I had a Red Bull/vodka. Afterwards we went to a birthday party at our friends house and while there I had exactly two regular sized Red Bulls, each spiked with Dripping Springs vodka. That’s all the alcohol I had over a 5-6 hour period.

We stayed at the party overnight but I didn’t sleep worth a shit as the poison was taking its toll on my system. By the a.m. I was sufficiently hung over and began to commence the morning technicolor yawn – to the tune of some 10-12 times. Of course there wasn’t much in my stomach to heave up, but what was there was retrieved and dispensed. I felt like complete ass and it just hit me- I’m getting too old for this shit.

I had to bring in the assistance of the Wal-Mart fried okra and mashed potatoes hangover menu (something I haven’t done in forever)  and reserve the rest of the day to regain normal status. During this time all my prior drunken shenanigans, next-day rehabs, and thoughts of quitting flooded through my mind. I realized that the madness had to stop. My tolerance for alcohol has been decreasing rapidly for the past few years as I’ve aged and put significant effort into gaining optimal health. I knew the two didn’t mix, but it’s one step at a time and it was a conscious choice in escapism.

With everything I’ve been working towards for the past 5 years and my decision to return to school and charge myself with great world-saving tasks, I need to be healthy and sober – which I also decided includes pot and other recreational drugs. The timing was right, I was seeing the signs all around me from the way my body rejected it, to the sudden realization of how many sober (and newly-sober) friends I actually have, to an email on the subject popping up in a few days later from a health blog I follow.

So that was it. I quit smoking cigarettes when I was 23, and now I am acting on the next natural step for me- sobriety. Maybe when I’m 35 I’ll quit cussing. :P

Back to School: Part II

University of Texas at Austin wordmark.

Image via Wikipedia

Whoah. Shit got real, real fast. I finally sat down and picked up my college research again and with lightening speed things are taking shape. It’s surreal to me how my understanding of college has just ‘clicked’ this year; I just get it now. And what I don’t get at first, I quickly figure out. The past two weeks I figured out that I will be going back to school- this Fall! I was maybe a bit short-sighted on this one due to being consumed by burlesque, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to get back on the horse so soon. I mean, while I researched my ass off in February I only did it for about a month. I would say that one month and the two weeks I’ve been back at it is crazy fast to have this much figured out.

My initial research had me thinking that I would be attending a 5 year B.Arch degree program. Scratch that. I settled on the “4+2” (definition below) that I was so sure wasn’t for me. Why? Well, despite the 5 year being concentrated study it does not result in a Masters degree in most schools; apparently this is changing but it’s not there yet. Of course the four-two does and I like that. Also, I wanted to have a minor and take classes in a variety of subjects and the natural breaking point after gaining my bachelors appealed to me. However, all this is secondary since I’m a transfer student and as I understand it means I’m ineligible for that path, which does make since to me.

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