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Happy Halloween!

Hooters Calendar Girl Melissa Poe in 2004

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A few months ago I was thrift shopping and came across three tiny black Hooters girls tops & one pair of only-a-toddler-could-fit-in-these (I kid you not) matching black shorts. I bought them & knew that was my Halloween costume. I was able to get two of my girl friends to dress up with me & we’re going to have a slutty good time in our teenie-weenie outfits as a Hooters girl trio.

Now, as much as I enjoy indulging and prefer the sexy to the spooky side of Halloween since I don’t do gruesome very well (although I wouldn’t want the holiday without it as I do enjoy a good cringe), I must say that my costume is a total JOKE. Hooters girls and the company itself are a complete joke and stands for so many things I abhor and detest: sports, the military, ethically inconsiderate and nutritionally devoid “food” (yeah eat that shit & you’ll never look like a Hooters girl), breast implants, mindless cookie-cutter superficiality, male dominated sexual exploitation of women, need I go on?

This part of their website on their image beautifully illustrates the idiotic American standard that is a Hooters girl. The company admits the concept is tacky in that it centers around the sex appeal of their waitresses, but they stop short of being completely honest and admitting they are supports and cultivators of stupidity, ignorance, and slavery. They delight (and profit) in keeping people dumb by focusing regularly on the distractors from what’s really important. They attract girls who by most means are dumb blondes and brunettes that contribute very little, if anything, to a progressive advancement of our world; representing the worst side of female sexuality in my opinion.

So why dress up as one? Because I’m brain-washed too. Because I am a product of my environment and have been influenced into enjoying such shallow behaviors along with everyone else. Because I am an admittedly hyper-sexual person (who isn’t these days) and like to look like a cheap skank sometimes. Call it a vice. I quit smoking, quit doing recreational drugs, quit drinking, work hard on having a strong marriage, am a student and proponent of critical thinking, and have dedicated my life towards fighting the slavery and oppression that surrounds us all. But I love a good celebration and chose to take a night off from fighting all the degradation and just enjoy it with my friends.

Halloween is pure ridiculous fun- that. is. it. It’s a time when fear becomes enjoyable and we all get to do what we really want to do, bring out the child in ourselves. Well not the sex part, but the dressing up and having kooky parties part. :) So enjoy your holiday, be safe, and try not to be too much of an asshole this Halloween!


Fabulous Photo Friday

Okay, so this is a few photos. Some totally rad pumpkins for your spooky holiday weekend!






Just Sayin’: War, Propaganda, & Patriotism

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So I’m just sayin…


Did You Know?

Did you know that we are living in exponential times?

Technology and media are having profound effects on all our lives as their growth continues to explode. These videos do a great job of presenting some of this reality to us. Brought to you by http://didyouknow.tv/

*p.s. Thanks Crystal for reminding me about this! :)

Version 3.0

Version 4.0

Fabulous Photo Friday

This weekend I’ve got to study hard for a History mid-term on Monday and continue re-setting our house from the garage sale. This fantastic space is where I’m drifting off to in avoidance of said duties.

I could dream all day about this office (and how I would make it more me of course :) The spiral staircase sealed the deal.

via Apartment Therapy

Fabulous Photo Friday

I’ve missed quite a few posts, so in retro-spect this is what I would have posted, had I had the time :)

To wash away the completely aggravating garage sale weekend I had,  and the sign Nazi that I wanted soooo badly to destroy, here is a cheery, cozy, colorful picture for you.

Be Back in a Week

Being sick, having a stressful garage sale, tests and getting organized so posting is easier for me. I’ll be back in a week. :)


World Habit Day & Zeitgeist Moving Forward Release!!

What a big day today is! First I want to mention that I now have all the test scores from my first round of exams this semester and…. (drum roll please)…. I made a 96 on every exam!! It looks like I’ve achieved a certain level of proficiency in my newly applied study skills and I’m super excited; it’s nice when your hard work pays off.

Okay, moving on to other news…

Today is World Habitat Day. It’s a holiday enacted by the well known Habitat For Humanity and was created to raise awareness of global housing issues. I was actually going to work on a project for Habitat this past Saturday, but all the volunteer spots were full by the time I went to sign up. I support the work they do and when we’re fixing up our home we always shop at the ReStore near us. However, it seems readily apparent to me that none of our current efforts are really ever going to do a damn thing but achieve small, dis-connected successes- a lot like wading in water. If someone doesn’t eventually come to your rescue, all that staying afloat will end in your drowning at some point.

Housing the planet is my call to action; and I’m doubly planning for making strides forward in the current system and in the one I feel we must embrace. But the latter is the only place we’re actually going to see a planet full of people out of homelessness and poverty. I strongly feel that until we address, seriously address, the reasons we have so many people without even basic, adequate shelter, then we are doomed to being hamsters in a wheel, working hard doing the same old shit just to stay in the same place. And when you pull that thread and follow it back to the source, like so many other pulled threads, it leads to a total broken system based on the pursuit, acquisition, and abuse of money and power.

Which brings me to our next headline of the day…

The 3rd Zeitgeist film trailer has been released!! Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is set to release January 2011 and I’m so excited! If you haven’t seen the first two films and researched into it’s origins or the foundation of this movement, now is the time! There are still plans for a Hollywood style feature film on The Venus Project planned for the future, intended to be a major step in raising awareness – I can hardly wait for that one. In the mean time, we have more Zeitgeist goodness to look forward to right on the horizon.

Music Video: “Empire”

From the Zeitgeist Media Project Files: Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton “Empire”

This is a beautiful video and song about the choice we are all facing concerning the direction we are collectively leading the world in. Which way will you choose?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton “Empire”, posted with vodpod

Fabulous Photo Friday!

Yay, it’s October; it’s Fall!! It’s my favorite month and time of year. I’ve driven home with the top down on the Miata a few times, and we’ve had our house windows open all week enjoying the sometimes brisk and sometimes warm air. Tomorrow I’ll be joining a friend to carve some pumpkins, which makes the Martha Stewart in me so excited! I wish I had time to visit a pumpkin patch but I’ll get to it some day. Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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