Artist. Academic. Deviant. Dissenter.

I’m 29 years young, happily married to a loving and devastatingly gorgeous man, have no children or pets *yet*, and I’m openly bi-sexual and polyamorous which should make our family blossom like mad in the future. I’ve lived in North Texas all my life and I cannot wait to move to Austin next year – seriously! – and see more of our incredible world.

I’m a multi-faceted, dual-natured, knowledge-hungry, truth-seeking modern hippie, and yes my diet is vegetable based. I don’t particularly enjoy surface conversation and I can’t stand drama or bullshit people. I thrive on change, positivity, openness, communication, fresh air, the beauty of nature, love and a fair share of deviant behavior.

Since I was a child I’ve been dancing, singing, writing, designing, modeling, acting, performing and creating across many artistic disciplines. For the past two years I’ve been a burlesque performance artist and alternative art model- which is why in social circles they call me Bunny.


Activist. Architect. Designer. Dominatrix?

My goal is to create exquisite holistic live, work, and play spaces for what I refer to as “the transition”.  I believe I can significantly change the world for the betterment of all by addressing the way we construct the spaces we occupy. I’ve spent the past four years finding my way towards this dream. After working as a showroom decorator I began on an entrepreneurial path to establish my own interior redesign and staging firm, but rejected the model of business I learned and shifted my focus to non-profit work as I expanded my vision. I became a certified Professional Organizer, Dewey Color Consultant and worked tirelessly on a community recycling project I created, called Stuff Swap Events.

From there it has been a natural evolution for me choosing to pursue a degree in architecture. My love for creating stylish, healthy and respectful spaces could not be restricted  to interiors as my awareness of our societal problems grew. It was learning about The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement that led me to deciding I would commit myself to tackling the global implications of our built structures and that I would need the skills of an architect to do so.

It’s taken 10 years for me to understand the institution and business of college but I did it and now I’m ready to stake my claim and make my mark. The University of Texas at Austin is my top choice school and I will soon be applying there to first pursue my B.A. in Urban Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies, and then apply to their masters program to obtain my M.Arch with a focus on Sustainable Design. Along the way I am integrating an education in Natural Building through independent programs not offered at the college. I’m building an empire, for all of us.

I May Be Little, But I’m Mighty!


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