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{G’day!} Ahhh, Monday Morning..

Ahhh, Monday morning… this semester I’m enjoying this day of the week quite a lot – now that I’m over that nasty Physics bump in the road. My day begins between 5 and 5:30am, so I can begin working in morning yoga and beat all the ghastly commuter traffic to this campus. This morning I din’t fit in the yoga, but since I am out of lemons for my am water, I decided to try the peach green tea I just bought and oh it’s sooo good. I’ll admit I was surprised at how much I like it because it’s Celestial Seasonings, nothing fancy. Correction: it was Bigelow Peach Green Tea. But to find a green tea I really enjoy that won’t break the bank- I’ll take it! :)


I get to school when barely anyone is there and have a good hour to myself before my 9am class begins. It’s on the second floor and something I am particularly taking note of is my recent enthusiasm for geodes, which greet me each Monday and Wednesday when I step off the elevator. It instantly brings a smile to my face and I’m drawn to the case each time to revel in the natural beauty of such gems. Lucky me too that the latest videos from Spirit Science is a four part series on crystals – oh joy!!! :)

It’s a great thing to be in a good mood so early on a Monday, or yes on any day for that matter. I hope it keeps up and your day is bright and happy as well. If not, try meditating on a beautiful stone.


{Sweet Joy-gasm!!} We got a Vitamix!!!!

It finally happened! We’ve been in wanting for years; me especially. Almost two years ago, we almost had one. The price was right, the arrangements set, my husband took his work weary butt out to Timbuktu- but it was minutes too late as the seller jacked us and sold to someone else who was leaving as the hubs approached. What a fucking asshole! Here in the ATX I’ve set an alert on my phone using Craigslist Pro+ to be alerted as soon as a Vitamix hit the CL market. I’ve seen them come, and I’ve watched them go almost as if they never really existed at all. I thought I had me one for $150 last month. My vision blurred and I almost had a heart attack just reading the post. I immediately responded, but the seller did not leave a phone number, only an email – the torture!! I made my interest very clear, and after two hours I was  working myself into a frenzy. I knew something was wrong, so I emailed again. Nothing. The next day… nothing. The ad was still there for two days but I never got a response. And then it was gone.

Then there was today. **cue heavens parting choral music** My alarm sounded and I was surprisingly alert and ready for the day. My finger automatically stretched to silence my phone, and with sleep wary eyes I caught a glimpse of… hmmm, was that?… no, it’s probably nothing… a vitamix?… yeeaaahh, I think it was, but c’mon it’s probably another $600 monstrosity, just forget it…. like hell! you better wipe the sleep from your eyes and check that shit! And I did just that. Before I finished brushing my teeth excitement had taken hold – I have the $300! I can pick it up right now! It must be MINE!!!

And now it is. :D And I shall name it Bliss (which is coincidentally the name of a raw food cafe we adore in Dallas). My androgynous partner and I will be making sweet, sweet love together. We consummated our union tonight by creating THE BEST carrot soup I’ve ever had in my life. Oh yeah, I’ve got a keeper.

My baby performed beautifully and with the fantastic cookbook that came with this gorgeous package this recipe warmed me all over and tickled my tongue just right. (okay, I know the sexual innuendo involving a kitchen appliance may be odd to some, but don’t judge my love; it’s pure.) It was wonderful being able to whip up such aaahhh-mazing and healthy fare so quickly and easily for my other baby, who happens to be in his second week of being sick (boo!). Truly a great culinary experience and piece of equipment that I am VERY grateful for.

{Nom! Nom!} 2012 Week 1: Balanced Snacks via Whole Living

I’m still full from my late night gorging, but even so, as I sit here thinking about all my plans to detox and meditate, this list of healthy snacks is mouth watering.

Read more: 2012 Whole Living Action Plan | Whole Living.

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