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Week One Wrap Up

So I’ve completed my first week back in college. How’d it go? Well I wasn’t late one time due to early rising, still though I’ve determined I must get up between 5am and 5:30 if I ever want to get the bed made before I leave. Had lots of car issues but it all worked out thankfully.

Monday – Geology & History. Think I’m going to love my Environmental Geology class- I have a seasoned teacher who makes his own bio-fuel and has solar panels on his house, has similar world views to my own and isn’t a jerk. Nice. History teacher is bearable; young and paranoid, knows her subject but hasn’t put any real effort into being a quality teacher – we must move beyond the lecture people. I do like that her speciality is in social history, I find it relevant to my plans.

Hubby discovered a hole in one of the cars tires, plugged it.

Tuesday – Algebra & French. I’m a bit nervous about my math class since I haven’t had hardly any math in the past 10 years and I haven’t reviewed anything. I think I’ll do good though since they have really made things easier with the online tools they’re using these days – I can’t fail my homework unless I just don’t do it. My teacher seems pretty decent and I enjoy his dry sense of humor. French looks like it’s going to be  a  lot of fun as the teacher is engaging. She’s also flighty, rambles and can be slightly crude if you interrupt her flow, but I like the way the class is structured and think I’ll enjoy her approach.

Was harassed by a bumble-bee at lunch. Apparently I was the only one outside who had the grub he wanted – hmm, maybe he was vegan haha. Sad to say I had to take his little life. He was getting way to close for comfort and I could not risk post-surgery injury to myself over his mis-guided desires. Sorry Mr. Bee.

Discovered the tire plug didn’t cover it. Had a flat tire waiting in the morning and had to drive the truck. Nathan put the spare on the car later.

Wednesday – Introductions are over we’re getting to work now. Lots of reading in History – I’m going to have to find a way to make learning history easier for me. I swear they purposefully write those books in the most stale and clinical way just to spite the student and be lazy assholes. I’m going to have to work hard at absorbing this material.

Drove car to school and Discount Tire afterwards. Had to get a new tire, it was still under warranty so it only cost $9 – sah-weet!

Thursday – Blazed into the algebra today- holy hell I’m going to have to do a ton of independent online reviews to make sure I not only pass the class, but grasp the material well – you know math is kind of important for an architect. Having fun learning French; I even downloaded an app for my iphone and learn words over my lunch.

Stopped by Plato’s Closet after school & found the car battery dead when I left. Got a jump from a rad chic that worked there and left. Pulled over about 4 miles down the road when I realized I hadn’t shut the hood properly. Immediately after I pulled back onto the freeway the car was wobbling; exited early then pulled over to find that another tire had gone flat. I changed my first tire (in mid-day Texas heat) being guided by hubby on the phone. Drove back to Discount Tire and got another brand new tire for $9. Car tried to die on Nathan when leaving so he got a new battery – under warranty – for $40 plus a 2yr extension. I’m pretty damn shocked at how well this week has gone considering our vehicle follies- we got real lucky.

Friday – Only had History today. Stayed at school until they kicked me out of the library for the holiday weekend, to get a jump on all that algebra reviewing I need to do. Had a fantastic lunch outside in the beautiful weather (sans insects). I sat down when a group of music students were jamming out and met one guy who was singing a particularly beautiful song I thoroughly enjoyed. Visit his website here: www.abrahammellish.com

Even though I won’t be having a holiday this weekend due to all the homework and preparing for next week that I must do, I would say it was a victorious return for me. I am already missing my burlesque-capades but I know what I’m doing now is more important and that I will eventually find a balance between the two.

For the first time in a loooonnng time I’m enjoying school and better yet understanding the system. It’s nice to be back! :)

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Fabulous Photo Friday!

A stylish landing pad for busy adult students- love!

organized hallway

I don't know the origination of this image, if you do please let me know!

Back to School: Part II

University of Texas at Austin wordmark.

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Whoah. Shit got real, real fast. I finally sat down and picked up my college research again and with lightening speed things are taking shape. It’s surreal to me how my understanding of college has just ‘clicked’ this year; I just get it now. And what I don’t get at first, I quickly figure out. The past two weeks I figured out that I will be going back to school- this Fall! I was maybe a bit short-sighted on this one due to being consumed by burlesque, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to get back on the horse so soon. I mean, while I researched my ass off in February I only did it for about a month. I would say that one month and the two weeks I’ve been back at it is crazy fast to have this much figured out.

My initial research had me thinking that I would be attending a 5 year B.Arch degree program. Scratch that. I settled on the “4+2” (definition below) that I was so sure wasn’t for me. Why? Well, despite the 5 year being concentrated study it does not result in a Masters degree in most schools; apparently this is changing but it’s not there yet. Of course the four-two does and I like that. Also, I wanted to have a minor and take classes in a variety of subjects and the natural breaking point after gaining my bachelors appealed to me. However, all this is secondary since I’m a transfer student and as I understand it means I’m ineligible for that path, which does make since to me.

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