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{Sweet Salvage} Architects Protect and Conserve via Dwell

Driven by “an evangelical zeal to save things,” Adam Hills and Maria Speake artfully repurpose landfill-bound materials at their London architectural salvage and design business, Retrouvius.

Read more: Protect and Conserve – People – Dwell.

This is really great. I dream of having my own sweet salvage shop where, in superhero style, I save the precious lives of useful discarded goods. It’s all about finding those diamonds in the rough and giving them that chance they were so inconsiderately denied. I have lots of love for people who interrupt that trip to the landfill and make gorgeous things happen.

Let us remember though that pulling it from the rubble pile and hoarding it to forever live in the “but it could be…” stack is no better. (Both situations literally cause an ache to appear in my belly.) **Crap, I just drifted off thinking about all the incredible stuff people throw away – wait, my hubby put a nice looking toaster in the trash the other day after trying for weeks to fix it. I am going to kick my ass hard if it’s not still there for me to retrieve in a minute. Why didn’t I stop that madness when I saw it!?? Oh yeah, because I’m still a lazy, privileged, indoctrinated American and sometimes I make dumb mistakes – which I shall go to correct right now.**

Update: Alas our folly was too great. The toaster is gone. I called the hubby and we acknowledged our mistake. This is a VERY rare occurrence and now that we talked about it it should not be happening again. I can only hope that someone will swoop in and rescue it before our appliance is carelessly buried for eons. We are sorry and we will do better next time.


Hip-Hop Holiday, Pt. 1

I am not a big rap or hip-hop fan. Pretty much the only reason I ever listen to it is because it can be great to dance to, like pop music. As far as most of the lyrics and characters who “rock the mic”… I find the things they rap about shameful and disrespectful to those who struggled against such adversity for equality. I really wish my black brothers and sisters would have more integrity than to stand there rakin’ in the benjamins for bragging about superficial bullshit and being obnoxious. (I could clearly go on.)

There are rappers and hip-hop artists who got it right though. I get excited when I discover a beat poet who actually says something worth listening to- and makes my head bob. So, I’m going to share a few of those people with you. I have no doubt I’m way out of the loop on worthwhile artists in this genre, so please share if you know someone I should be listening to! :)

First though, this is a great video that gives me hope about the rest of the sold-out mic rockers.

And now for Mr. Lif, droppin’ more knowledge on you.

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