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The Fall ’10 Semester is Officially Over!

I did it! I am a straight A student. I don’t think I’ve been a straight A student since elementary or middle school. It wasn’t something I cared to achieve or saw much value in since I’ve always had good grades anyways.┬áNow that I am trying to make myself attractive to a four year university and also trying to extrapolate what’s actually worth learning in the curriculum, I do care.

After a three year break from college, followed by a mis-directed return for one semester, and another four year break, I am quite proud of myself for finally getting it all together. Although, I shouldn’t say finally as I feel this is just the right time for me. The experiences I’ve had while not in school have allowed me to find my way to a true education, not just a degree. What I’ve learned outside of the classroom has enriched and directed my current choices of study in a way that couldn’t have existed had I followed the traditional path. I’m happy that this is the way it’s going for me. I don’t envy the usual timeline of others.

I actually took my last final exam Tuesday at 8:00am, but I felt I had to wait until all my final grades were in and I could confirm those four determined A’s were on my record. After fretting all day yesterday for my History teacher to post my final exam grade, I got my validation. Even though my A in Intermediate Algebra didn’t count towards my GPA, it did enable me to skip College Algebra and go straight into Trig. Still, my GPA is now up enough to apply to UT Austin (I’d done some damage to it 10 years ago) and that is one of my top priorities over this winter break.

On Tuesday after I finished my Algebra final, I rushed over to another campus for a meeting with the Chancellor. The invite was a benefit for joining clubs such as the Honor Society and Student Ambassadors, despite the fact that I wasn’t really active in either. I was very excited for the opportunity as I have been planning to send the Chancellor an audit or appraisal of my college over the break. I hadn’t anticipated an opportunity to personally deliver the message.

For almost two hours myself and five other students sat with the Chancellor and aired our grievances. It was a positive environment where we were well received and our thoughts and concerns were taken seriously and responded to with honesty and thoughtfulness. We were asked not just our names, but our history with the school, our majors and plans for the future. While I have some serious public speaking nerves, once I warmed up and felt comfortable I chimed in quite a lot. But then I did come with a 7 page document I rushed to hammer out the night before- including a chart of particular importance. Once I get going, I can really go. :)

The Chancellor expressed how impressed she was with us and hopes to secure seats for us to bring our concerns and ideas to the district at a meeting next month. I would love to do that! I also was invited to take over presidency for the Student Environmental Club, an offer I happily accept.

I will be making a series of videos on what I brought up at the meeting. I want to really drive home my concerns and elaborate on the ideas as I wasn’t able to do in sharing the floor with other students in a limited amount of time. Once done, I really think others could benefit from seeing it. Maybe it will encourage other students to seriously address their school administrators.

If there’s one thing from that meeting that was of particular value to me, it was affirmation that it is a students obligation to themselves and the academic community at large to play an active role in your schools operations. You do not and should not just sit back and let things happen to and around you – get involved! You a have more power than you may realize, and there are surely those in administration who want to hear from you. In other words, be a leader, not just a follower. Sometimes you’re the student, and sometimes you are the teacher as well.

While the semester may be over, I am no less busy. I have a show this Sunday to get ready for, a bright, shining UT Austin application to assemble, a house to prepare for market, some top secret activities to plan, and oh yes, algebra review and trigonometry preparation. And there’s still more where all that came from – busy, busy.

I must say that despite it being very clear to me that college is not the institution of brilliance that it would like to be seen for, it feels great to be succeeding in that environment. I have the motivation, direction and clarity that I lacked in the past and it has made all the difference. I’ve registered my classes for next semester and I’m so excited for 2011 – I hope school continues to be a success for me and you as well!


World Habit Day & Zeitgeist Moving Forward Release!!

What a big day today is! First I want to mention that I now have all the test scores from my first round of exams this semester and…. (drum roll please)…. I made a 96 on every exam!! It looks like I’ve achieved a certain level of proficiency in my newly applied study skills and I’m super excited; it’s nice when your hard work pays off.

Okay, moving on to other news…

Today is World Habitat Day. It’s a holiday enacted by the well known Habitat For Humanity and was created to raise awareness of global housing issues. I was actually going to work on a project for Habitat this past Saturday, but all the volunteer spots were full by the time I went to sign up. I support the work they do and when we’re fixing up our home we always shop at the ReStore near us. However, it seems readily apparent to me that none of our current efforts are really ever going to do a damn thing but achieve small, dis-connected successes- a lot like wading in water. If someone doesn’t eventually come to your rescue, all that staying afloat will end in your drowning at some point.

Housing the planet is my call to action; and I’m doubly planning for making strides forward in the current system and in the one I feel we must embrace. But the latter is the only place we’re actually going to see a planet full of people out of homelessness and poverty. I strongly feel that until we address, seriously address, the reasons we have so many people without even basic, adequate shelter, then we are doomed to being hamsters in a wheel, working hard doing the same old shit just to stay in the same place. And when you pull that thread and follow it back to the source, like so many other pulled threads, it leads to a total broken system based on the pursuit, acquisition, and abuse of money and power.

Which brings me to our next headline of the day…

The 3rd Zeitgeist film trailer has been released!! Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is set to release January 2011 and I’m so excited! If you haven’t seen the first two films and researched into it’s origins or the foundation of this movement, now is the time! There are still plans for a Hollywood style feature film on The Venus Project planned for the future, intended to be a major step in raising awareness – I can hardly wait for that one. In the mean time, we have more Zeitgeist goodness to look forward to right on the horizon.

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