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Happy Thanksgiving – Time to Celebrate Being Assholes!

Bwah-ha-ha! Nothin’ but smiles here :)


Happy Halloween!

Hooters Calendar Girl Melissa Poe in 2004

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A few months ago I was thrift shopping and came across three tiny black Hooters girls tops & one pair of only-a-toddler-could-fit-in-these (I kid you not) matching black shorts. I bought them & knew that was my Halloween costume. I was able to get two of my girl friends to dress up with me & we’re going to have a slutty good time in our teenie-weenie outfits as a Hooters girl trio.

Now, as much as I enjoy indulging and prefer the sexy to the spooky side of Halloween since I don’t do gruesome very well (although I wouldn’t want the holiday without it as I do enjoy a good cringe), I must say that my costume is a total JOKE. Hooters girls and the company itself are a complete joke and stands for so many things I abhor and detest: sports, the military, ethically inconsiderate and nutritionally devoid “food” (yeah eat that shit & you’ll never look like a Hooters girl), breast implants, mindless cookie-cutter superficiality, male dominated sexual exploitation of women, need I go on?

This part of their website on their image beautifully illustrates the idiotic American standard that is a Hooters girl. The company admits the concept is tacky in that it centers around the sex appeal of their waitresses, but they stop short of being completely honest and admitting they are supports and cultivators of stupidity, ignorance, and slavery. They delight (and profit) in keeping people dumb by focusing regularly on the distractors from what’s really important. They attract girls who by most means are dumb blondes and brunettes that contribute very little, if anything, to a progressive advancement of our world; representing the worst side of female sexuality in my opinion.

So why dress up as one? Because I’m brain-washed too. Because I am a product of my environment and have been influenced into enjoying such shallow behaviors along with everyone else. Because I am an admittedly hyper-sexual person (who isn’t these days) and like to look like a cheap skank sometimes. Call it a vice. I quit smoking, quit doing recreational drugs, quit drinking, work hard on having a strong marriage, am a student and proponent of critical thinking, and have dedicated my life towards fighting the slavery and oppression that surrounds us all. But I love a good celebration and chose to take a night off from fighting all the degradation and just enjoy it with my friends.

Halloween is pure ridiculous fun- that. is. it. It’s a time when fear becomes enjoyable and we all get to do what we really want to do, bring out the child in ourselves. Well not the sex part, but the dressing up and having kooky parties part. :) So enjoy your holiday, be safe, and try not to be too much of an asshole this Halloween!

Labor Day. Bleh!

Labor Day is such a worthless holiday. A day reserved to trick the working person into feeling pride and gratitude towards their status. No time to go into the details now, but I simply won’t celebrate a holiday that is about keeping the employed minions upholding the system of degradation, abuse and corruption that is our American way of life.

Now, not working is not the same as doing nothing. Let me say that again, not working is not the same as doing nothing. If you did not have to go to work to “earn a living” and had unobstructed access and ability to engage in other things of actual interest to you, would you sit at home on your ass and channel surf? Um, no. You would likely do the things you wish you got paid to do. Yes I’m sure watching tv is what some of you would like to get paid to do at this point in time and as a result of what you’ve been previously doing- but that’s exactly my point, you have not been living your passions, talents and interests- and you should be!

Having the world wide open to you would very likely inspire you to the point of taking part in things that make the most use of your human potential. The world would benefit exponentially more from that than we do from you doing a job you have little interest in other than to provide for yourself and your family. And to those of you think you really do love your job – MAYBE; but the vast majority of people on this planet are not living this kind of reality. They are in poverty or in the grind trying to keep out of poverty. That’s no way to live and it’s neither necessary in today’s world, nor the best use of the planet’s people power.

The work force is forced into work by a system that pre-dates the technology and advances we now have at our disposal to rid us of such chores. Just think about how modern refrigeration changed our lives for the better. We have other technological advances that can do the same in regard to how we spend our time, preferably NOT working for the man. Still think I’m crazy or just don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Well kiddos it’s time to meet Jacques Fresco; you’ve got some homework to do. :)  www.thevenusproject.com

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