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Overachiever, activate!!

I practically spent four years locked up inside a tiny house- without children, pets, or picture windows. During that time I was able to clarify my passions and purpose for being like never before. The distractions that dominate most people’s lives just didn’t exist in mine. After a few years I found myself feeling very behind the rest of the world as I had been going at my pace, which is quite a bit slower. Now that I’m back in the game and have this incredible direction, I feel I have to do A LOT of catching up.

I am so eager to be knowledgeable about so many things and I am finding it very hard to come to terms with how much I will realistically be able to learn in certain amounts of time. I know one thing for sure- the methods by which I am being taught in school are COMPLETE SHIT. Outdated, irrelevant shit that is a hinderance to my development. I know this and it drives me crazy. So in my “spare” time I research how to optimize my learning. I’m just scratching the surface here, but I’m trying diligently to find approaches that will work for me. The small amount of free time I do have, gets progressively smaller (and less fun) when I decide I need to add something like this to my already study-heavy schedule:

Alternate 1 hour of work, 6 days a week:

  • 30 minutes of exercises to increase my vocabulary, in English.
  • 30 minutes of mental math techniques.


  • 30 minutes of vocabulary for a foreign language. (I’m doing French)
  • 30 minutes of brain building and memory enhancing activities/games.

Yeah, not working on learning Garage Band so I can record some of the music I’ve been writing since I was 10, not working on any of the many burlesque numbers I’ve got waiting for my attention, not hanging out with friends- nope, I’m going to be increasing my vocabulary and learning more about math. And not because I have to. My nerd status is so official, and while I think it’s great, I really need access to that 90% of my brain that’s not helping me learn this shit ‘cuz there’s just not enough hours in the day for this overachiever.

We’ll see how it goes, I’m not fond of such routines and often stray if I’m not being held accountable by others. (I still need to get that regular stretching and exercise routine on my frickin’ schedule.) Come on science, where’s my widget to live simultaneous lives!?


Memorizing Vocabulary And Languages

I’m having difficulty in French right now (despite testing out with two 97’s and a 105 on my oral- I accept my overachiever status). I do not understand my teacher, nor do I “vibe” with her. She is a native English speaker, but the way in which she communicates is somewhat of an enigma to me. I feel I must keep a safe distance. I have learned to ask as few questions as possible and now sit at the back of the class (along with skipping, something I don’t really do in my other classes). I do not like this, as I have been very excited to learn French and have been pretending to speak it since I was a kid.

I have realized I could undoubtedly teach myself French using a book and the internet, her involvement is quite unnecessary. I find this offensive; I get the book and just have to work through it and memorize vocabulary with little to no guidance or support (at a pace that does is not conducive to long term retention or comprehension without sufficient training in such methods)- that is NOT teaching. Class is reserved for games I learn very little from (despite my teachers enthusiasm towards them for language building), and quizzes.

Well teach, just because you said didn’t mean I learned it, and the same goes for things I read (I have a great post in the works on that topic). I’m learning to take the initiative and fill in the gaps (sooo many gaps) in my education and googled the best way to memorize vocabulary. I found this video helpful. And, I am getting some tutoring today at a different campus with a different teacher.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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