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{Dance Party!!!} It’s Like Hearing a Dragon Cry: “Sail” by AWOLNATION

I just got finished dancing my ass off in my apartment to a song that had planted a seed in me, without my complete realization, the first time I heard it some months back. Well today as I went to put on a documentary for background noise, the opening tune sprouted that seed right out of me and I just couldn’t help myself; I had to dance! That’s when you know it’s something special. When you have to move, suddenly you’re inspired, your body contorts and springs without much direction from you at all, and inspiration is birthed through the interplay of you and the music. It’s truly one of my favorite things in life. I found myself thinking about a burlesque show I said I’d do next month (that would be my first show since Dec ’10!!), and found that the waining interest I had in doing it bolted out the door as I choreographed in the musical vortex of “Sail” by AWOLNATION. As one YouTuber commented, “It’s like hearing a damn dragon cry.”

Lead singer Aaron Bruno is such an unexpected hottie with a very powerful voice. In my minds eye I was expecting him to look like a dark-haired, scraggly long-locked guy from a heavy metal band as opposed to being blond-haired with striking blue eyes and a face resembling a cross between Ralphie from A Christmas Story and Michael Pitt (finally, I’ve been trying to place him for an hour!)

Revel! Enjoy! Laugh! Cry! Be Moved! and Dance dammit!!

Their website: http://awolnationmusic.com/

Before I found the official music video for the song, I ended up here and discovered two very funny and talented young ladies who make me sad face because I don’t have a bff like that. And because after getting pulled into watching about six of their other equally awesome videos (which are shot amazingly well – how the hell do these kids get these skills!?!?!), I reflected on my own late teens/ early twenties and nothing there is even half as cool or as much fun as these kiddos appear to be having. The fact that they have it on permanent record is just a bit ‘ol juicy sinkhole of jealousy, which I must now quit indulging. I got lotsa luv for them though really, they make some funny shit. :)

Nanalew YouTube Channel

MeekaKitty’s YouTube Channel


Hip-Hop Holiday, Pt. 1

I am not a big rap or hip-hop fan. Pretty much the only reason I ever listen to it is because it can be great to dance to, like pop music. As far as most of the lyrics and characters who “rock the mic”… I find the things they rap about shameful and disrespectful to those who struggled against such adversity for equality. I really wish my black brothers and sisters would have more integrity than to stand there rakin’ in the benjamins for bragging about superficial bullshit and being obnoxious. (I could clearly go on.)

There are rappers and hip-hop artists who got it right though. I get excited when I discover a beat poet who actually says something worth listening to- and makes my head bob. So, I’m going to share a few of those people with you. I have no doubt I’m way out of the loop on worthwhile artists in this genre, so please share if you know someone I should be listening to! :)

First though, this is a great video that gives me hope about the rest of the sold-out mic rockers.

And now for Mr. Lif, droppin’ more knowledge on you.

The Venus Project Music Video

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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