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Careless Classroom Comments

It makes me very uncomfortable when my teachers speak so matter-of-factually about health or politics, especially when it’s not their subject. Those are two hugely corrupt systems that have perpetually lied to and intentionally mislead people. The facts are clearly not obvious.

I view it as irresponsible to address a class of young, impressionable minds in such a casual but authoritarian way with such debatable beliefs. I believe that they should present their opinion as being just that, even if it is an educated one, and be sure to express the highly sensitive and controversial nature of their comment. However, I am sure that they are enough convinced of their particular view that it doesn’t really even occur to them to present the possibility of a differing view as being an intelligent one. I also understand that these are side notes and ones that they probably don’t think warrant further discussion or consideration. However, one 15 second statement could put things in a more balanced perspective and if they can surrender the time it took to make the original comment, then surely they can spare enough to be responsible about their deviation.

I am already worrying about how I am going to handle History class when we start covering the Bush years, Iraq war, and September 11th. I am trying to catch up on my war documentaries and 9/11 truth information. This is not a fight I personally feel prepared to fight, but I am also not just going to quietly sit there and let more propaganda and misinformation be “taught” to me, especially if I’m paying for it and can see it coming. *It’s worth noting that my history teacher seems to be very good at providing objective viewpoints and has explicitly paused to let us know there are other opinions, but this is when she’s talking about history. She’s very good at staying on track.

Watch out for a video of me discussing more on this and similar topics soon, I’ve got a lot to say and I think it needs to be heard. Until then, remember to scrutinize and question the authority of information. It’s a jungle out there and the beasts aren’t always apparent.


Education: Scrutiny is Necessary

Tweeted by SocietyAnew on twitter:

“Today most education is designed as propaganda rather than information about the physical laws that govern all living & non-living systems.”

That statement captures a meaningful part of the issues I’ve had with our educational systems since I was a teenager. You cannot just accept what they put in front of you. You must scrutinize pretty much everything, but who wants to do that?

I used to think it was my job to go in there, take my brain out, lay in on the desktop and say “Fill ‘er up!”. I got the message that I was the one in need of surrender to become a fulfilled human being- although I never really accepted that idea. Still, I didn’t exactly understand the extent to which it was necessary for me to be an active intermediary between the information being presented and my accepting, or rejecting, of it.

Screening is necessary. It’s a huge task and one that can easily overwhelm me, but I fight the laziness and remember that I claim my right to choose and direct my conditioning to the greatest extent possible. I don’t have to know everything to make intelligent choices for myself. Being in college is a good choice for me right now, but I am not sitting back allowing them to fill me with whatever. I am watching and evaluating the quality of content they provide, and I acknowledge my ability to self-teach and be a teacher while still learning.

We should all constantly remain in a state of learning and re-learning as information is always growing and changing. When faced with questioning the authenticity of information I’m supposed to learn or believe, I find it useful to consider the agenda and the source. Where did this information come from? Who is responsible for it? What is the agenda in getting me to accept this?

I wouldn’t stress out trying to run every micro-bit of info through 160 questions, but stay alert and scrutinize intelligently. Happy learning!

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